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I’ve never been to a writer’s conference, but this will be the third (or fourth?) year I’ve attended Write On Con.  What is it?  An online writer’s conference…wait, a FREE online writer’s conference for authors of Children’s books specifically, taking place August 13 & 14, 2013.  That includes all picture book authors, middle grade writers and young adult authors.  The works! So, what’s it all about, and why should you go? Read on….






There are Ninjas! Okay, so not actual ninjas, but Ninja Agents.  And they’ll be trolling through the forums during the conference to read snippets of works posted.  If you have a completed novel, this is THE place to try to grab the attention of that special agent. You can post a query, the first 250 words, or even the first few pages of your work, and hopefully, a Ninja Agent will drop by and request a partial, or even a full!  There have been quite a few success stories from past Write-On-Cons, so don’t be shy.  Plus, it’s super fun to stalk the agents while they’re online. Even more fun if you have something posted.



There are funny/inspiring/eye-opening/jawdropping videos! A few years back, brilliant YA author Beth Revis posted a video which changed my life. I felt like I’d been in the trenches for so long, trying to get noticed and was just at the point where I’d decided to give up when I watched her video about failure.  She sat surrounded by stacks, and I mean STACKS, of books she’d written and thought… “this is THE ONE”. I looked at her amongst all the paper and recognized that person. With each book I’d written, I was sure it was “the one”. And with each rejection (whether through a query or a full), my confidence shattered.  Watch this. If you’re just beginning the process, this will change your life.  If you’re a seasoned rejectionista, it’ll change your life.  Maybe this year, your book WILL be the one. Keep up the positivity, people!







You’ll learn something! Yes, I promise you will. Attend the events, and if you can’t see them live, go back and watch (or read) them later. Even if you don’t have any of your own work ready for the forums this year, the advice from agents and editors and authors is PRICELESS. You can’t buy this stuff. Plus, you might meet some new friends, find some new critique partners and see what the competition has to offer.



Best of all, you’ll have fun. Participate. Read. Comment. Watch. Read some more. Comment some more. It’ll be the best two days you’ll spend on your writing career all summer! Go sign up now!



Heidi Sinnett

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