What’s in My Handbag?

A woman’s purse is a private thing. We’d like you to believe we carry only the essentials for living, only those things we can’t bear to be without for a few minutes, and only what every other woman has in her purse.



I’m pretty sure the truth is more like this:



pocket1Pocket #1


•  hand sanitizer   •  2 lip balms   •  1 lip gloss  •  1 lipstick  •  car insurance folder

•  1 concealer   •  1 Burt’s Bees   •  1 hand cream   •  1 nasal spray   •  1 list

•   1 receipt   • 1 green apple tic tacs   •  dental floss   •  14 chocolate bar coupons (!)

•  driver’s license   •  1 mini calculator   •  eye drops   •  1 pen   •  1 nail file

•  3 mints   •  1 mini flashlight   •  Burt doll  •  straw wrapper



pocket2Pocket #2

•  notebook   •  2 sets of car keys   •  house keys   •  work keys   •  bottle of Advil

•  1 lint roller   •  1 list  •  1 pink paper clip   •  1 compact mirror   •  mini nail files

•  2 rolls of Tums   •  Gravol   •  Immodium   •  Listerine tongue refreshers



pocket3Pocket #3

•  1 list   •  3 receipts   •  1 pkg Christmas Kleenex   •  1 cell phone   •  1 wallet   •  sunglasses

•  mini flash light   •  1 mint   •  1 straw wrapper



These are the contents of my purse on a regular basis, with the exception of special days, when I might need to carry more. Apparently, I’m worried I’ll run out of chocolate bars at a thrifty price, that I’ll be lost in a dark spot without a flashlight, and that I might need a mint at a moment’s notice. I also need multiple lip glosses/lipsticks/lip balms because, well, of course…and I have a new car, so all of my iced coffee straw wrappers are being shoved in my purse for fear of messing up the newness.  Don’t ask about Burt. He’s my pal.


Yes, my bag is heavy. Yes, I know it’s a lot of stuff. No, I won’t leave any of it at home tomorrow just because I’ve been shamed into it. I need my stuff.



What do you carry with YOU everyday? Bet it isn’t any worse than my haul….






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