Spring Writing Bootcamp is back!

Over at the YA Buccaneers, it’s Spring Writing Bootcamp again! You may be hot off Camp NaNo and just need some helping finishing up your first draft of the project. Or maybe you’ve been knee-deep in a WIP for a while and just need some support. Whatever your reasons, the YA Buccaneers have got your back. Sign up for the Spring Writing Bootcamp today, and participate in word sprints, fun writing challenges, inspirational posts to keep you moving forward, and much more. Best of all? It’s free!



YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Bootcamp



It starts this week, and will run for the next two months, from May 1st until June 30th, 2016.  You set your own goals, and we’ll help you make it happen. Have you participated before? Then you’ll know how much fun it is, and how the team will get you writing every day. The wonderful Dread Pirate B. has created some amazing worksheets, a printable weekly progress tracker, and much more. What’s the more?  PRIZES, of course!  But you’ll have to sign up to find out just what’s happening. Go and do it now!



I’m going to be writing this month. Will you?



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