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Welcome to my website! It’s a constant work in progress, but so much fun.


I’m a children’s librarian now, but I wasn’t always one. I began my career track in music, earning a degree in music composition from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and then settled into the music teacher life.



Fast forward ten uninspired years later, and I knew music wasn’t motivating me anymore. Packing up a life I’d expected to carry me through to retirement was sooooo hard, but I cut the ties, made some moves, and ended up at a library!



Don’t get me wrong, library life isn’t a breeze. Like any position, librarians have their good days and bad, but I’ll admit…there are way more good days in this job than I ever imagined!  I’m in charge of my children’s department, and I also get to run teen programs, and the occasional program for adults. It keeps me busy, is ever changing, and always creative. Plus, I get to geek out on social media marketing and planning, since I contribute to a library blog, Twitter account, Facebook, and Instagram pages.



I’ve also been lucky enough to make some major strides in the library world. In 2012, my summer programs won the Second Prize in the TD Summer Reading Club Awards, and more recently, in 2018, we won the Grand Prize for English Libraries! And in 2016, I won an Angus Mowat Award of Excellence for our adult writing program.  I love programming!



Thanks for visiting my website. Lots more to come…..




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