Royal Baby, The Eagles and Foursquare

My husband and I had a bet. We made this bet at the beginning of July, in advance of the Royal birth. We often make little wagers (usually $5 or under) about fun world events that really have no bearing on our lives at all. (We have an “Oscar Party” each year, just the two of us, complete with ballots and Oscar Bingo, so you can see, we’ll celebrate anything!) It just makes the everyday a little bit happier.



Of course, the Royal Baby has been such a topic of speculation, we just had to get in on it. We sat down, wrote out the expected birthday, weight, hair colour etc…..and then waited.  How did we do?  It was a tie. Hard to believe. Maybe we’ll have a more clearcut winner with Royal Baby #2……… 🙂




The week before, we went to our final concert for a while.  Not that we aren’t enjoying them. It’s just that we’ve been going non-stop for the last few months, and it’s time for a break.  But The Eagles did not disappoint (you were right, Erin!).  We had side seats, which turned out to be the best seats we could possibly imagine, and we didn’t have to shell out a mortgage payment to get them. We were eye level with the stage and had what seemed like the only four free seats in the building next to us. I swear, we could’ve stretched out. It was a great evening and we ran out of the Canadian Tire Centre just as the last chord of “Desperado” rang through the building, to avoid a massive traffic hold up when the 17,498 other people came out.  Perfect. Home in 15 minutes.








































And work has been busy with fun things, but the best part has been organizing our “GO” day for the the long weekend coming up in August.  After pulling my hair out for weeks trying to arrange a geocaching day that just wasn’t coming together, we settled on Foursquare, and plotted out all kinds of fun places in town for our patrons and new friends to visit.  At each location, they’ll “check in”, and take a photo to post on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag it to our library.  There are prizes involved, so hopefully this will be a well attended event.  We’re really trying to include our community more this year and get new people enjoying library events.  If you haven’t tried Foursquare before, it’s a great, FREE app that lets you check in anywhere you go and earn badges that might also allow you to become “mayor” of that place if you go often enough.  There are plenty of fun pages to follow too, from famous folk. Maybe you can visit that singer’s favourite brunch spot or a film star’s secret obsession. Try it!



But of course, there were many other things to take up my time this week. Here are a few:



♥   The official Hunger Games : Catching Fire trailer was released! It’s not enough!  I want more……..



♥   All right. I’m a big sap.  But I loved this Coca-Cola ad the moment I saw it.



♥   Yonanas.  My husband got me this nifty little treat-maker for my birthday, and all I can say is….WOW.  Frozen bananas + frozen berries now = soft serve ice cream!  I’m not kidding!  This stuff is fantastic.  I’m seriously considering going on the “Yonanas” diet the way Jared did the Subway thing. Ice cream for breakfast?  I can handle it.



A quick HUG for my bestie Erin. Thanks for making my b-day extra special!  Love ya!



Heidi Sinnett



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