Princess Leia, Puppets and Fancy Nancy. My life.

My life is full. Maybe not exciting, but full. And this week was no different.  I went from Jedi Day, where I dutifully dressed as Princess Leia…..



Princess Leia



… to  Fancy Nancy Tea Party with all the frilly cuteness you can imagine (yes, those are pink polka dot paper plates and jeweled stickers)…



Fancy Nancy Day



…to a crazy fun puppet show with 100+ people in the crowd.  All in a typical week at the library. Even though it might seem silly, it’s fun to dress up and do kid things once in a while. In fact, I wish more of the library staff would take part.  They’d be happier people. (Although you wouldn’t believe how many patrons came in the day I had my hair in Leia buns and told me they thought my hair was cute. No idea why I was dressed in white and standing in front of a giant STAR WARS poster.  Nope. Apparently, I should be doing my hair like that everyday.)



But of course, all “work” and no play makes Heidi a dull girl. Thought I’d share these links with you for the weekend.



♥   THE cutest commercial ever. Ev-er.



♥   Have you seen Humans of New York? Why does this have to exist?  It takes up way too much of my time now……



♥   LOVE, love, love this gorgeous new lip gloss/stain. I seriously can’t believe how it turns from the palest pink into a gorgeous deep pink and stays on all day.



♥   Finding this on my niece’s bedroom shelf. Things she loves. #givesmethewilliesbutokay







Have a wonderful weekend!



Heidi Sinnett


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