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‘Twas the first full week o’the lucky YAB Bootcamp, and me stars, we did pretty well! (All right, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll stop torturing everyone now!) Not everyone met their goals, no one on Team Denali shouted BINGO, but I think overall, we had the “write” idea. We’ll get there!



bootcamp week1(I managed three Bingo squares)




Sonja (the newest member of our group) wrote with me Sunday afternoon, her goal being to finish her first draft of a YA historical. She wrote LOTS o’ words! (See how I tied that into St. Patrick’s Day?)


Kristen did tons of revision, writing & research!


Did you see all the stars on Amy’s calendar this week??


Megan seems to be on a reverse sleep pattern than me, however, she only had two red squares on her worksheet. Her goal? None!  You can do it, Megan!


Katrina outlined a new project. We’re excited to hear how that’s coming, Katrina!


Lois and Cynthia didn’t check in on Friday, but I’m hoping that means they’re working so hard, they didn’t have time! 🙂 Maybe this week. *crossing my fingers*


My goal last week was pretty broad: to finish major revisions on I ONCE WAS LOST and get it out to some readers, and to print off and staple all the chapters in ECHO CITY so that I can begin revisions on that oldie.  I managed to do both. Revisions on ECHO CITY are going to be massive, but weirdly exciting! After reading the first three chapters again, it’s not so bad. I’ll tell you what I think twenty chapters in, however. I might be whining, just warning you!



My Goals This Week



Revision. It’s all about revision. At work, we’re prepping for the April version of Camp NaNoWriMo, and while I’d LOVE to try for it, I have to be realistic and say I’m just not prepared.  Maybe I’ll go for July. Regardless, I’ll be getting all of our participants ready and preparing for our Camp NaNoWriMo Kick Off!



But at home, I’ll be working on revisions for both ECHO & ONCE. I’d like to cover two main revisions on both.  That’ll be my goal for Friday. (Aggh! Wish me luck on that one!)



Happy Spring Writing Bootcamp, everyone, and may the luck o’the Irish be with you today!



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