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Office supplies are very underrated, especially when it comes to the idea of presentations.  If you’re using a projector or some other digital media device to play a slideshow, then office supplies are probably the least of your concern. But if you’re an author doing a book signing or class visit, then you’ll definitely need to stock up.  And it’s not just about the pens.



office supplies



The first thing you might think of when going to a book talk, author signing or school presentation is your book. And you’d be right. Don’t forget to bring your book! (And lots of other copies for signing, purchasing etc.).



But the second thing you need to focus on is your writing implement. Often, people have a special pen they use just on revisions, or maybe it’s a lucky pen used when signing contracts. Whatever you choose, have a trial run. If you’re going to be signing your book, make sure you pen is that type that won’t bleed too much into the paper, won’t smudge and looks good. A wacky bright green Sharpie with a thick point might be your favourite, but it doesn’t always make your signature look good. If you plan to write a little note, or draw a picture, too, keep that in mind.  And bring along more than one!



Tape, the long forgotten friend!



Just last week, I hurried off to a school presentation armed with piles of books, props and even a felt board to display some of my presentation. I’d prepared this particular presentation weeks in advance, and was ready!  But when I got to the school, I realized I’d forgotten my masking tape, which I was going to use to affix part of my display to the table. No problem. I was in a school. They have supplies, right?  Wrong. The library was only equipped with scotch tape, which I foolishly thought would be fine.  The minute I began my carefully thought out presentation and started to put up the beautiful and witty signs I’d made, they immediately fell off.  The tape was all wrong for the board I was using, and my presentation quickly fell off the rails.  Always bring along some extra tape.  You never know when you might need it!



Don’t assume that your bookstore or school (or wherever you might be speaking/signing) will have the things you need. Always think ahead and bring along extra of everything: pens, tape, signage, bookmarks, and business cards! A few extra goodies you should consider? Band-aids, water bottle, aspirin, lozenges or hard candies, hand cream, Kleenex and hand sanitizer! You might walk in with a trunk of stuff, but you’ll be happy you have it if something goes wrong.



Coming up on Monday:  “To Drink or Not to Drink? That is the Question.”, part three in my Presentations in 145 Easy Steps! series.



Heidi Sinnett



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