Ode to Joy

It snowed this week for the first time. I guess that means winter is officially here. But it’s okay, this year I actually had my winter tires on before the bad weather came! It’s a record! (Usually, I’m stuck taking alternate routes to work because my car can’t make it up the little hill near the library without sliding back down. Not fun!)



snow skies



But all the little snowflakes are wonderful for putting everyone in a celebratory mood. It was perfect timing, because this past weekend, we did the “Great Christmas Baking Amalgamation”.  Okay, it doesn’t have an official title like that really, but it should! My sister and I bake for weeks, stuffing our freezers full of trays, containers and pans until they won’t hold any more, and then we make plans.  This year, as usual, we brought everything to my mom’s house and got busy!






My niece is always the biggest help, and this year, she sang along to the Barenaked Ladies Christmas album while we put all the treats on plates, keeping us very entertained. We walked miles around the kitchen island, loading up the plates (it’s a good thing, because we um….sampled a bit here and there). Now, we’ll take a few to work, give a few to friends, and then slowly dole out the rest as December calls for breaking the diets.



let it snow



Finally, the snow means I can get out my cuddly scarves and mittens! I’ve been waiting forever, it seems. This week was my own personal Ode to Joy.






Enjoy this wonderful video that inspired my happiness this week. Have a wonderful weekend!






Heidi Sinnett

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