Betsy and I couldn’t let this day go by without saying a few important things about our Mom.


While many didn’t know that her struggle was ongoing for the last twelve years–more predominantly the last two–we were the lucky ones to be able to spend this time caring for her, preparing for the inevitable, but enjoying every single minute we had with her. She was our whole world, and we were hers, and she never let her illness override that fact.


She loved her life—her home, her family, her church, her music, her work, and her friends. I’m sure every person who was touched by her generosity and love was better for it. I know we were. And even during this last week together, when it was darkest for all of us, she always greeted us with a smile and a warm hug and kiss (and usually dressed in a sparkly sweater, lipstick, and earrings–that hospital room will never be as glamorous again!)


We’re all doing okay—Dad, me, Todd, Betsy, Melody, Andre, and Carole. Today is going to be a rough one, but we’ll get through it together like we always do. We’ll probably have a snack (or 5) sitting at the kitchen counter together later, and yes, Mom, we’ll sweep the crumbs up off the floor.


Love you so much.




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