By now, I hope you’ve all visited the YABuccaneers site. No? You haven’t? Well, go there now. I’ll wait here.  But you’ll be a while, so I’ll get some snackage.


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Back so soon?  Are you sure you had a good look around? Great!  I hope you added us to your feed, or at the very least “favourited” our site.  Hey, did you notice we have a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, too? Go. Add us!



So what’s this great new site all about? It’s a joint venture, started by two very talented YA writers…Erin Schneider and Bridgid Gallagher. They decided to bring together ten YA writers, all at various points in their careers, to form an amazing (and fun–don’t forget fun!) crew dedicated to showcasing all things about Young Adult books and the craft of writing.



We’ll have monthly contests, book reviews, host fun things called Word Sprints on Twitter, and much more. I’ll make sure to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening, but I thought I’d share a special tidbit about each of the great crew members I’m taking this adventure with.




Erin Schneider is one of my critique partners and has quickly become one of my closest friends, even though we’ve never met in person. We’ve spent the last four years reading each other’s work, hashing out ideas, sympathizing, laughing and working through the ups and downs of this crazy world of writing. I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing project with her! Great job, Erin!




Bridgid Gallagher is the super talented designer of our fabulous new website (along with Erin’s major input!).  Aside from being crazy nice, she’s also got a gorgeous blog with scrumptious photos of food, her climbing adventures and fascinating book reviews. Go check it out!



Erin Funk is a fellow Canadian and soooo friendly, I could take a lesson or two from her! 🙂 She posts great book reviews on her blog and timely writing advice as well as challenges every writer should aim for!  But seriously, check out her page on Mug & Book matches. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!



Here’s the really cool part about this group—Erin Funk and Jaime Morrow are sisters! Yes, really! Jaime is as funny as she is nice, and also has a great website you should visit often if you’re writing. Her Chapter-a-Day Classics is a brilliant idea. Brilliant!



I never knew Kris Oliver until we all came together in this group, but she’s a howl and a half, I tell you! The minute I visited her site, I knew I wanted to go back. (Yes, okay, the pretty blue bokeh dots made me a fan right off, but she’s got great content, too).  And boy, is this girl busy! Plus, she’ll be the one I hide behind if there’s ever a fight on board the pirate ship. 😉



Kelly Gilbert is our mama-to-be and we’re so excited for her! (Hopefully, this little babe will enjoy being rocked to sleep by the rhythm of the ocean, but we’re happy to have a pirate-in-waiting joining us). Some of her posts just blow my mind—they’re so eloquent! Read the one about baby to be….it’ll make you cry.



Ghenet Myrthil is one of those super cute people you just like immediately. Plus, doesn’t she have the best name? I love it! Her blog is a perfect mix of book reviews, what’s happening in her world of books, and fun. Check out her list of Thirty things she wants to do before she hits the big 3-0.



I believe Sara Biren to be a kindred soul. A stickler for grammar, we also share something interesting—the main character in both of our novels has the same name! Plus, she does some great reading challenges with her kids each summer, which is close to my heart. Looking for someone to edit or critique that book for you? Sara’s got it!



And last, but not least, is Rachel Searles. Have you looked at this website? GORGEOUS!  I seriously can’t wait to read THE LOST PLANET coming in 2014! Going to make sure that’s on my order list for our library, for sure.



So now that you know a little more about them, I hope you’re hooked. This is going to be a fun adventure. I can’t wait to see what happens!




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