If There Was Any Doubt…

Last week, I had several delightful conversations with kids about books. It always amazes me when an 11-year-old can have a lengthy conversation about his favourite books, or when a 6-year-old wants to tell you about a funny picture book they read at home.






The best moments this week?



#1.  A grade four student visiting the library with her class came up to ask for help finding a book for her mom.



“It has a man and a woman on the front. And they’re sitting in chairs in a beautiful forest. The sunshine is beaming down on them and they’re about to kiss. Do you know where that book is?”



No, but I’d like to read it! 🙂



#2.  A young girl approached the front desk.




“I just read the first page of this book back there on the couch, and now I can’t put it down!”



Yay!  Keep going!



#3.  A tween who is an avid reader came up to ask if I knew about a certain series of books she enjoys. She told me she’s loved every book in the series and can’t wait for more. When I mentioned she should email the author to tell her how much she loves the books, the girl replied,



“Oh, I’ve done that many times. I write all my favourite authors—-only they never write back. Maybe they just don’t think my ideas for new books are good enough.”



How wonderful that she loves authors enough to write to them about their books. How sad that no one has taken the time to at least say thank you. I hope someday to be lucky enough to have fanmail, and I hope never to forget this little interaction.



I kids who read!



Heidi Sinnett

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