I Know I’m Hot!

All right, to follow a post called “I Must Be a Jedi”, I had to go with something very un-nerdy and confident, okay? “I know I’m hot!” is actually a dumb line from a 2006 reality TV show called “Are You Hot?”. Didn’t see it?  I’m serious, it was just a bunch of people who would come out on stage, mostly in bathing suits, and the audience would vote on whether they were hot…or not. Yeah, not exactly riveting television. The ones who got voted off would leave, citing the quote “I know I’m hot!” as they faded off into unhot obscurity. I don’t even know why we watched this show.







But here we are, six or so years later, and I still find myself saying I know I’m hot anytime I feel like it. Sometimes, it’s a joke (my husband and I laugh when we say it in our pouty voices), sometimes it’s in defence of a burned meal (always makes me feel better to proclaim it then), and sometimes, it’s just because I’ve had a super good day.



Usually, it’s just humid.



I promise, you won’t find me strutting down some beach yelling “I know I’m hot!”, although I SO could! 😉 (Really, no, I couldn’t…but for a minute there, I had you racing to find my photo again, didn’t I? Anything to get you zipping around my website!)



Recently, I’ve discovered that this saying works especially well when I’m having one of those “my writing sucks and I might as well throw my laptop under that garbage truck” kinda days. What supreme confidence made those people in the reality show turn up and flaunt their stuff in front of millions of people? Their own inner sense of fabulousness, a firm belief that what they had could stand up to the scrutiny of judgemental people, and a desire to test those things they knew to be true. The same goes for writing.



I know I can do this.



Yes, I know I can write. I’ve written 3 whole books and will be able to add a fourth to that soon. I can finish something. I’m not just talking, I’m doing.  I know I can do this, and do it well.



I know when something is terrible.



We’ve all read awful books. We have a pretty good idea when a sentence or a paragraph or a chapter we’ve written is terrible. But it can’t all be terrible, can it? Trust your gut. If it feels like you’ve struck out on an idea, you probably have.  But you also know when you’ve written a gem, right?  Re-read the gems, and figure what’s working so well. Then do it again.  Go ahead, I know you can!



Someone else will like this, too.



Writing should be shared. And sharing is crazy scary sometimes (ask me about bursting into a blubbery mess when I tried to tell my family I was writing books). But…that moment when someone tells you they LOVED a character, or your entire story, or even just one fabulous line…that’s what it’s all about. So, go ahead, share your work. Be brave. I bet someone will love it as much as you do!



I’m going to post this on my wall near my writing area.  And whenever I feel like pitching the computer, I hope this will make me hit the “save” button instead.



Here’s a challenge for you. Tell another writer you think they’re hot. (You might have to explain, but feel free to send them here!) Post it to your twitter feed or Facebook status today, use the hashtag #iknowyourehot and add @heidisinnett so I’ll be sure to see all the writing love going out today!


I know YOU’RE hot!


Heidi Sinnett



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