I ♥ My Job




Last week, three lovely things happened to me at work:



♥   A little girl of about five years old walked by the front desk at the library with a book in her arms and a grin on her face, then mouthed the words “I Love You” to me, and kept walking.



♥  A room full of young tween writers didn’t care that we were well over the one-hour mark of our writing program. They just wanted to stay and listen to everyone finish reading the stories they’d worked on for homework.



♥  A teen came in with her dad and older sister to get another piece for her summer reading Book Buck Bingo card, and the square she was finishing this time required her to write a letter to her favourite author. She handed me a letter all decorated in pink hearts, and her sister told me to read it out loud. It was a letter to her dad—who was completely shocked—-thanking him for all of the wonderful stories he’d told them as they were growing up. He will always be her favourite author.



I need to keep this post handy when I’m knee-deep in weeding books or attending endless meetings.  This is why I love working with children. This is why I write books for teens. This is why I work at a library.




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