How Twitter Can Help You Write Better

Twitter can be a time waster, or your up-to-the-minute writing coach. Here are three quick tips for using Twitter to improve your writing.








Tip #1:




Follow hashtags, don’t just insert them. There are plenty of great tips being offered up all the time by authors, agents and publishers. If you spot one, try searching the hashtag to read more. A few to try? #amwriting  #askagent  #askeditor  #writingtip  #writingprompt



Tip #2:





Start following agents.  Sure it may seem a little presumptuous, and they might not follow you back, but agents tweet about GREAT things all the time. They talk about what they’re seeing in queries, what they wish they were seeing, and what’s going on in the book industry. They know their stuff, so start following them. Lots of them!





Tip #3:





Post small writing goals on Twitter to keep yourself honest.  It’s a great idea to give you some incentive. If you post about your writing goals, then you’re accountable to everyone who follows you. Go ahead, post your goals!





Heidi Sinnett

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