Goodbye 2016!

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2016 has been a good year…and a tough year. I know this is true of many, and while I’m expecting some hardships in the new year, I also hope it brings with it a renewed sense of purpose, lots of creativity, and happy times.



What did I love about 2016? Here’s my list:




Springsteen Concerts      Train trips with my sweetie   ♥   Creativity courses

Movenpick      Adele Concerts     My Library Writers’ Group   ♥   Chalkboards

Instagram      Baking      Papa Jack Salt & Vinegar Popcorn      eSalon

Saving      My new creativity space      My Mom      My YAB family



I have lots up in 2017….new programs at the library, a library conference (my writing group was short-listed for a prestigious award), a new book to give to my agent, and a week off to start the year right.



I wish all of you a wonderful New Year, and I hope that it is filled with the most important things of all….health, family, and happiness.  Thank you for visiting as often as you did!



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