Friday Fried Eggs – June 7th Edition

I’ve been taking a lot of naps. Not at work, but I’ve sure needed a few. Last weekend started a two-week whirlwind of craziness, and I don’t feel like it’s ever going to stop.



It all began last Friday, when my husband and I took off for Winnipeg, Manitoba. Now, if you’re not familiar with this neck of the woods, Winnipeg isn’t exactly the place you jet off to for a weekend of fun and excitement. (Nothing against Winnipeggers….they’re extremely friendly people, but hey, the city isn’t really known as a must-see destination.) We left at an ungodly hour in the midst of deep humidity, and landed in a city where it was pouring rain and people were still wearing winter clothes. Not good. I was a little stand-outish in my white sandals and t-shirt.



Poor clothing choices aside, I managed the first plane ride I’d been on in…*clearing my throat*….15+ years, and didn’t complain once.  Okay, so I wouldn’t let my husband talk to me during the flight because I was pretty freaked out (if I looked over, it might have unsettled the balance on the plane! I had to keep looking forward), but that doesn’t count as a complaint, right? I feel pretty darn good about it all, now that I’m home. And who knows, maybe I’ll do that European vacation after all!



So, we visited the Assiniboine Park Zoo, took in the 100 Masters showing at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, oh and yes, I picked up a very nice award at the Canadian Library Association Conference for our library summer program. (That was the real reason we were there, and it was very exciting. I was humbled.)



And now, I’m exhausted.



I came back to a week of massive planning for this summer’s reading program at the library, and a few other exciting things. Exciting thing #1: I’m going to be a part of a new blogging group for all things YA book related (I’ll tell you more about it soon), and we had our first meet and greet chat session this week. How wonderful to get to know all of these fabulous, creative women!  It’s going to be amazing! Exciting thing #2:  The A/C in my car isn’t working! (Okay, I know that’s not exciting, but it adds one more time-sucking thing into my schedule that I’d rather not deal with.  But I need it. I SO need it. I’m a princess. More on that later.)



How about a few things to get you through the weekend?



♥   I loved the tigers at the zoo this week. This photo was taken through glass and I was only a foot or so away from him (or her), but it was fabulous!





♥   The most breathtaking piece of art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery show was a piece with the most unappealing title:  A Woman at her Toilet by Rembrandt van Rijn.  If you visit this link, it doesn’t do the painting justice. The sleeves.  Let me just say, the sleeves are something you have to see to believe. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I wish I could write something as beautiful as those sleeves.



♥   I always come back to this fun site, especially when I’ve been working hard on a book and feel like my typing skills are pretty smack on. Give Type Racer a shot and see how well you do!



♥   This might drive you crazy, but it’s also good for a laugh. Apostrophe Abuse.



Have a wonderful weekend!







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