Friday Fried Eggs – Giveaways!

While all of my friends across the border are probably taking a long weekend, I’m glad this was a short week for us also. Canada Day was fun and relaxing, but I always seem to feel like the week following a long weekend is tough. This week for sure. We started our summer programs. That’s all I’m going to say.




If you haven’t been to the great new website called YA Buccaneers, I’d love it if you dropped by this weekend to check it out. I’m one of the Buccaneers, and there is so much going on here I can hardly keep up! There are exciting giveaways coming up later this month, so sign up so you don’t lose out! Respect the patch.



YA Buccaneers


















This weekend, I’m going to see Paul McCartney! YAY! The concert here sold out in less than 10 minutes, so we were lucky to get tickets.  I’m calling this my “BUG & BIRD” tour month.  Next week, it’s the Eagles!




Just a few fun links to leave you with today. Enjoy your long weekend, my American friends, and I’ll see you all back here on Monday.




♥   Read this amazingly helpful article about how small bookstores work with authors on book tours.  There are great hints for anyone planning a tour!




♥   I’ll admit, the cool whip bit on my Twitter feed isn’t exactly the most original thing I could have come up with, but I was at a loss. How about a Twitter Bio Generator to help? Proud bacon lover for sure!




♥   I love muffins. I love chocolate. I love raspberries.  Combine them, and you’ve got me in your kitchen for a snack!




♥   I have a Facebook friend who posts stories from Upworthy all the time. I’ll admit, I read every single one and feel better for doing so.




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