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I’ve never written flash fiction before. I’m not a conserve-your-words kind of writer, but I decided to take on the challenge. Over at the YA Buccaneers, we’re running a flash fiction challenge called “Walk the Plank”.  You should check it out, and write your own piece. You might even win a prize!



So here are the rules. You must write something that maxes out at 200 words (fewer, if you’ve got the chops), all based around this month’s theme of ADVENTURE! Now, to make it oh so much more difficult, you need to begin your work with the words “I set sail……..” and if you’re really good, end it with “my adventure continues”!






And here’s my first try at it…….(not easy, I might add).




I set sail with nothing more in my pockets than a receipt from The Shake Shack and a few crumpled bills. Dumb move. The money might be good if I needed to blow my nose or whatever, but the receipt had her number scribbled on it, all red pen and swirly girl-markings. That was a keeper. Shoulda brought something useful, like a sandwich. Or an oar.



“Gimme your phone.”



“No way. Any idea how much the roaming charges would be?”



I swear, Jeff drove across two states once to pick me up after someone snatched my wallet, but he’s so freakin’ worried about his miniscule cell plan, he won’t even let me call my dad to say we’re stranded in the middle of Lake Whatever-this-is.



“It’s kind of an emergency, don’tcha think?”



The wind hadn’t bothered with us since mid-morning, and I told April I’d call her at lunch. Give her time to get up and all that. I’m generous that way.



“Are you calling your dad, or her?”



“My dad, of course.”



Jeff didn’t budge. He knew me too well.



“All right. I was gonna call her, but c’mon, Jeff. Live a little! It’s summer and my adventure continues.”








Heidi Sinnett

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