Finding Your Creative Self: Week #4

After getting back from Bruce Springsteen, I was tired, but excited to talk to my creativity group about it. And to follow through on the music theme, our creativity activity this week involved just that. Imagine a room full of adults, using found objects like buckets, plastic plants, sponges and more, making a song! We did it, and it was a lot of fun. But on to the report on week 4.



We almost abandoned our format this week, in order to talk about this week’s ideas, which are all based around the theme “Recovering a Sense of Integrity”. It’s all about cleaning out, making room for new ideas, and allowing the creative energies to begin to flow again. Many of our group talked about how they were really ready for this. Someone had even cleaned out her craft area prior to coming to the session, dropping off her excess supplies to the local second hand shop. She was feeling great about it, and told us it made her think about how she could use the new space she’d uncovered as a result. Maybe it’s just about buying fresh supplies to get your inspired again. Or maybe it’s more about finding the space to allow you to be creative. Whatever the reason, I think a lot of us are excited about this idea of “clearing out”.



It was the best week we’ve had, by far. There was electricity in the room, maybe because we hadn’t seen each other in a week, but I think it’s also because individuals are discovering things about themselves they never thought possible. People are starting to create again, or are at least thinking about it in new ways. And, just like me finding the bravery to go up the CN Tower, several members have taken chances and ventured out to try something exciting in hopes of finding a new path.  I love it!



Coming up this week, it will be interesting to hear how many people really took the reading deprivation exercise seriously. (Yes, part of the work this week was to abandon reading….not menus, not street signs….nothing. I’ve cut back, but I couldn’t do it completely.) The purpose is to allow time for other ideas to surface. We are influenced so much by reading that this is an interesting idea, and one that you wouldn’t think would be so difficult.



I’m planning a fun decoration for this week that involves these:






Let’s just say I’m going to bring a little of the outdoors inside this week.  Stay tuned for the final result next week!



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