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I don’t travel much. I always have fun when I get there, but I stress about it for weeks prior and then I’m a mess when we leave.  Okay, maybe not a mess, but it certainly can’t be easy to be in a car (train/plane/boat) with me. Short two or three hour destinations are preferred, and I like to travel by land, if at all possible.









But this month at YA Buccaneers, our theme is Destination : Vacation! All of the YA Buccaneers have provided a little blurb about their dream vacations. Go read them. They’re fantastic! They’re so fantastic, they make me almost want to go somewhere exotic. Almost.




This year, we got a little surprise vacation in May, albeit, to Winnipeg, Manitoba. It doesn’t exactly conjure up images of sandy beaches and yummy drinks, but it was the first vacation to somewhere we’d taken in a few years. Mostly, we staycation.  And that’s okay.



I have a few pointers for staycations, if money is an issue and time is limited. These ideas don’t cost much, and we’ve done all of them and had a great time. Sometimes, it’s just breaking your routine that really makes the difference.



  • Go to a museum or art gallery. Museums and art galleries are great, especially when they have a special exhibit happening. You might need to buy tickets in advance, but it’ll be worth it.  A lot of libraries in Ontario offer free museum passes for individuals and families, and usually admit two adults and up to three children…for free! Take advantage of this deal if you can. It can save you a lot of money (admission costs can be pricey sometimes) and maybe you’ll be able to pop somewhere for lunch afterward.



  •  Do something unusual in your hometown. If you live in a very small town like I do, you might think there’s nothing you haven’t already see. But maybe a new restaurant just opened up and you’ve been meaning to try it out. Order something different, a cocktail maybe, if you wouldn’t normally, and ask the waitress for a recommendation. They often have the inside scoop on what’s good. Or how about taking a walking tour with a camera (or cell phone). Take photos of yourselves being silly, or have a scavenger hunt list of things that might seem impossible to find. It’ll make you look at everyday surroundings just a bit differently.




  • Rent three or four “old” movies with a theme.  Rent John Candy movies or X-Men or any genre you like and spend a rainy afternoon curled up on the couch with snacks. What could be better than that?  Most movie stores have discounts for renting several old movies at once, and usually, you can keep them for longer than new releases. Or if you’re a downloader, save up a bunch of things you’ve been meaning to watch and get caught up. (If you snooze in there, too, that’s okay. It’s all part of relaxing!)



Of course, if you’re a writer, why not plan a writing vacation! (No, not a break from writing, but more like a writing retreat.)  With Write-On-Con coming up, you could plan to spend a few days attending all the events…and you never have to change out of your pajamas.  They have so many wonderful things to do….from query sessions, to author talks and ask an agent events…you’ll learn a lot and maybe even come away with a few requests for that book you’ve been working so hard on!



If you’re just starting a book, join me this Wednesday evening on Twitter to write for one solid hour, starting at 7PM EDT.  It’s a Word Sprint! Many of the YABuccaneers will be there and we’ll all be writing our wee little hearts out. Post your starting wordcount if you like, or a goal, and at the end of the hour, let us know how you did! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #YABwordsprint and mention @yabuccaneers in your tweet. We’d love to have you on board that evening!



So, whether you stay at home or jet off to somewhere fantastic, don’t forget to stay in the moment and really enjoy your vacation time. You’ll head back into your regular schedule feeling rested and refreshed. Maybe you’ll even have a new idea for a book!  Enjoy!



Heidi Sinnett

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