Cookbook Countdown!




Instead of setting a New Year’s resolution that I can’t keep (again) this year, I decided I’d try something a little different. While we’re trying to eat healthier and have made great changes to our overall diet, my resolve to eat healthy gets lost in the same-old-recipe muck. So, 2015 is going to be about trying new things—namely, new recipes.



Each month, I’ll pick a newly released cookbook (or one that’s new to me), and choose some recipes that might help us continue along the healthy eating path. I’ll also give you a rundown on the cookbook itself so you can decide if it’s something you might want to check out.



First up in January is THUG KITCHEN: EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A F*CK. Yep.  Seriously.  I’m a little afraid of this one, but get it over right at the beginning I guess. Wish me luck.






Watch for my review a little later this month. I’ll have pictures—wish it could be a taste test!








(Title photo courtesy of Todd Quackenbush at Unsplash)

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