As a Librarian…

As a librarian, I’m often asked for book recommendations. Sometimes, the answer is simple, especially if I read what the patron is asking for. Other times, I may have to consult with someone else in the library, especially if it’s an area where I’m really not well versed. That’s why i LOVE this wonderful website called “Go Book Yourself”.  Not only is it beautiful, it’s easy to use and always has fantastic suggestions.





So, they’ll take a book like the one shown above (one of my absolute favourites, by the way), and then suggest four other books that either have the same theme, similar writing styles, or characters. Four books! That’s massive! The suggestions are really well done, and not the mish-mash that can happen when you just Google a book for similar reads.






Of course, this is just one of the suggestions, but you get the point. You can join their mailing list so that you’ll always be up on new posts, or pop in a book title and see what comes up. Genius!



What are YOU reading today?  I’ve just started Stephen King’s MR. MERCEDES. Yay!




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