And Now We’re Onto September

20130824_130317August flew by without me even realizing it. Made work go faster, that’s for sure, but it also means “summer” is over. At least September feels fresh and new, like anything is possible.  I love that feeling.  Here are a few other things I loved in August:



♥ My new black and white pillows   ♥ Our new “lifestyle choice” of many, many vegetables

Hello-Yellow  ♥ Audiobooks  ♥ Blueberry Pomegranate Tea  ♥ New “diamond” earrings

♥ IT Cosmetics Hello Light Illuminator  ♥ The Bulk Barn  ♥ Ideas for a writing space

♥ Great new story ideas  ♥ WriteOnCon  ♥ Sweet & informal Royal Family portraits

♥  Avicii ‘s Wake Me Up   ♥ Duct Tape  ♥ Coronation Street  ♥ Rice Crispie Squares



And I ♥ my readers.



Heidi Sinnett

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