All the Things

July. Where did you get to? While August is in beginning swing, here are the things that made me happiest in July.



♥   THE SPECTACULAR NOW   ♥   History of the Eagles LIVE in Concert   ♥   Yonanas!

♥   Instagram   ♥   Dark chocolate granola bars   ♥   Seeing my niece write beautiful cursive

♥   A planned hookey day from work   ♥   Running across parking lots   ♥   Royal Babies

♥   Haribo gummi bears   ♥   Resisting temptation   ♥  Paul McCartney Concert   ♥  birthday

♥   Finding perfect summer sandals   ♥  Getting my great-grandmother’s shortbread recipe

♥   Gorgeous handbags   ♥   Sharknado   ♥   Pretty nail polish   ♥   Family dinners

♥   ELEANOR & PARK   ♥   Music blasting in the car   ♥   Air conditioning   ♥   Pirates

♥   My sister   ♥   Actually getting somewhere with my WIP   ♥  Laughing with my husband






Heidi Sinnett

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