Five Years Ago…

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! It only feels like minutes since we drove away from our reception under the cover of night, dressed in the finest things we’ve probably ever worn, the jazz trio’s music still ringing in our ears. Mr. & Mrs. It continues to have a lovely ring to it.






Every time we drive past the old Appleton General Store, I think of that day. How easy it is to bring back the sound of the rain beating on the windows as I awoke that morning, and the warmth of “God’s Light” as we stood on the golf course posing for photos later that afternoon.





Thank you for all of it, and everything since. Maybe I should start making tissue paper flowers so we’ll be ready to re-new our vows twenty years from now. If I give you a little swatch, could you go to the store and find me some more in that colour?



Love you!

Heidi Sinnett

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