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I’m a non-disrupter. I don’t rock the boat. I don’t stir things up. I don’t jump in puddles. I don’t mess with things. I say sorry a million times a day. I’m not controversial. I’m a non-disrupter. And I’m okay … Continue reading

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It’s time to get a new car.   Or not.   I’m not sure.       I’ve had this car for ten years, and while it still looks pretty decent (aside from the rear passenger door that some kid … Continue reading

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    It’s week whatever check-in for the YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp…and I can’t say I’ve been doing much writing at all. Here we are, almost finished this amazing three-month program, and I thought maybe I’d be closing with a … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Bow,     First, let me say, I bought four copies of PLAIN KATE and gave them out to people I thought should read this book. I am in the process of purchasing more. (For all of my … Continue reading

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    Team Denali has fallen off the rails a bit…and it’s all my fault. As Team leader, I’m supposed to be supporting them, cheering them on through the muddy rough patches, and bringing them ice water when they’re all … Continue reading

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