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I’m almost through the “Five Sundays in November” Young Writers Workshop series at my library. And I’m sad it’s almost over. While many of these enthusiastic writers attended my summer sessions, we had quite a few new faces join us. And what an amazing time it’s been! I can’t wait to share some of their writing once we’re finished.






What They Learned:



We covered character development, read short stories to talk about beginnings and suspense, wrote poems and had many (not-so) serious discussions about rainbow unicorn poop, serial killers, waffles, and what boys wear to school. Yes, it’s all important stuff. I hope along the way, they’ve made some new friends, and learned a thing or two.



What I Learned:



I must admit, I didn’t know how any of this would go at first. Would they enjoy it? Would they get anything out of it? But the writing they’ve brought back each week–as well as their enthusiastic reading–has made it a whopping success. I heard stories that were sad, thrillers that left me on the edge of my seat, and writing so funny it couldn’t possibly be written by 11 year olds! But best of all, these kids devoted themselves to working on stories each week that didn’t have anything to do with school or money. They write because they love it. And for that reason alone, I’d do this a million times over.



Next week, we have our Christmas/Writing-Wrap-Up party, and I’m excited about it already. They’re working on stories about a reindeer with a superpower—and a serious problem. What will they write? I can only imagine. This is one of the best parts of my job, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to encourage fifteen budding writers. Who knows? Maybe one day, one of them will be the next best-selling author!






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