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The amazing teams for the #YABbootcamp were announced yesterday, and I have six of the most incredible people on my team! Some are new friends, some old friends, but I know we’re going to do amazing things over the next three months. Who are these great people? You can check them out of Twitter, and a lot of them have websites, so go and look at those, too!






TEAM DENALI (aka The Great Ones)



Cynthia   ♥ Megan   ♥ Lois   ♥ Kristen   ♥ Amy   ♥ Katrina



We are each setting goals that we’d like to accomplish over the next three months, and we’re ready to cheer each other on. It’s the YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Bootcamp!  If you don’t know about it, you can check out all the details over at our website.






Like all great Bootcamps, we’re off to a running start! We’ve each set huge goals for ourselves:



Cynthia wants to finish the last 10-15K on her WIP this month. You can SO do this!


Kristen is revising Book 2 in a series AND working on the first draft of Book 3! Amazing! I couldn’t keep it all straight!


Lois is drafting a Contemporary Fantasy.  Yay! I love this kind of book!


Amy is working on a gazillion things at once: revisions & drafting! You have ALL the crazy there, girl!


Megan is also working in the crazy corner, trying to complete three novels in progress. Go for it!! Go big or go home!


Katrina is working hard on her own goals of growth and renewal. I’m with you there.


And I’m currently ripping apart an old friend, hoping to clear away the cobwebs and find the beauty inside. Yay, me! (I can cheer myself on. Don’t say I can’t!)



We’re going to set some goals as a team and help each other reach the summit!  But first…bootcamp. And that means learning how to put it all together. Ladies, I’m sending you all of the pieces above. Once this bootcamp is over, you’ll be able to put together the typewriter in two minutes flat. (Okay, not really, but the essentials to any successful endeavor begin with a solid foundation. We’re going to get down to basics and whip our darlings into shape!) Are you with me?  I said…..are you with me? Let’s do this!











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