YA Walkabout #4

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Number four? Already? It’s been so much fun visiting the blogs I love to read….I haven’t been to some of them enough, and now I know I’ve been missing out! This month is the perfect example: Natalie Whipple over at Between Fact and Fiction.



Natalie Whipple is the author of some fun YA, some serious YA, but always great YA.






I started reading her blog before I even began querying, and to be honest, I almost quit. She is so heartfelt and honest with her observations about the book world, it would make anyone think twice about wanting to get involved. Except, she LOVES writing…so much that she has to continue despite all of the setbacks she’s encountered through her career. I love the candid posts about querying, about selling her first book…and the latest one, about the differences between self-publishing and the traditional method. There is no way you can read this woman’s confessionals and not feel a connection. I get her. I’ve been there. And she made it through, so it makes me feel like I can do it, too! Plus, she’s so darn cute…and those illustrations?! Heck, ya!




I would highly recommend this post where she gives blunt advice to writers, and her (UGH) post about being on submission. If you’ve ever been in the trenches, read it now. Now.




So, I’m revisiting some of these posts to get me through the next few months as I begin sharing my latest book with my critique partners and my agent. I’ll need a boost.




Have you read any of Natalie’s books? What are some of your favorite posts? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you!




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