Write On, Fellow Babies!




I always look forward to this time of year. No, not summer vacation or the last lazy days of August. It’s WriteOnCon time again! And that means fun contests, vlogs, writing forums…and NINJAS!



If you’ve never participated in WriteOnCon, I urge you to pop over to the site now to register and look through the archives. There are interviews with agents, authors, editors and more! It’s a Writer’s Conference for those of us who might not be able to afford to travel, but want the same experience. These wonderful organizers are authors who have decided to pay-it-forward and share their good fortune (and massive hard work) with others. But the best thing about this free online writer’s conference? It’s fun!



You’ll have the opportunity to share your work, talk with other aspiring authors, listen to great inside info about the publishing business, and who knows…maybe you’ll even be stalked by a Ninja! (Don’t worry, they’re only Ninja Agents who sneak around reading posted work. They won’t show up outside your house. I hope.)



WriteOnCon runs for two FULL days, August 26th and August 27th. Plan on being there! I wouldn’t miss it for anything. (And don’t worry, if you can’t be there “live”, the posts are always available to watch/read anytime.)




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