What Team?




Team Denali has fallen off the rails a bit…and it’s all my fault. As Team leader, I’m supposed to be supporting them, cheering them on through the muddy rough patches, and bringing them ice water when they’re all done. But have I been doing those things? Not lately. My poor team.



And this last month is tough. We’re tired. We’re losing the will to keep going. We’re fading. But I want my team to know it’s okay. May is all about achieving things we can be proud of. And if that means opening up a word doc and putting the chapter headings in a fancy font, then so be it! Whatever makes you happy this month, as long as you work on your writing. I’m behind you a million percent!



For fun, we’ve designed the Spring Bootcamp Bingo to be a little more rewarding this month. No squares for writing 3000 words. No squares where you need to take a photo of yourself writing. Just pure fun, focused on YOU, the writer!



Bootcamp Bingo May



My goals this week are to write. I’m going to work like mad for two weeks, to get as much done as possible on my new WIP. I feel like May has possibilities. Even the name itself is a possibility, right? “MAY”.



So, AMY, KATRINA, SONJA, MEGAN, CYNTHIA, LOIS, & KRISTEN….you are wonderful, amazing, creative women! Let’s enjoy this writing life! We are THE GREAT ONES!




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