Warm Thoughts

I wanted to buy flannel sheets today.



I wanted to buy girly, floral, flannel sheets, and matching red velvet throw pillows. I wanted to know what it was like to sleep inside those warm cotton covers, while outside, the world was capturing frost and decorating everything in a sheen of not-quite-ice. I wanted to wake up covered in velvet fuzz.



But what if they were too warm? What if I woke up drenched in sweat, wishing I’d never taken those sheets out of their packaging and stretched them tight onto the bed? Would I regret buying those red velvet pillows, only looking at them briefly each morning to place them back where I imagined they should belong, tossing them to the floor each night before crawling into bed?



What about all of the other sheets nested in my hall closet? I have too many already.



Maybe I’ll just buy a new pair of mittens.




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