The Beauty of it All.

I am so lucky, I want to have it tattooed across my forehead. I feel like I’ve been walking around in a state of bliss for days, and it all has to do with writing.



As I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts, I’m leading a group of writers through their first Camp NaNoWriMo event. When I began this project, it was partly because I wanted to do something at the library that would relate to my love of writing, and partly because I thought it might be fun. I wasn’t prepared for the wonderful people that would put themselves out there and work their butts off for this project. I don’t think any of us at the library were ready for this. But it’s AMAZING.



I’ve been sending daily emails to my group of 11 writers, trying to give them some inspiration to reach word count goals etc., and also a few helpful tips to make their first novels a bit easier to get out. And each day, I hear back from at least one of them with some sort of wonderful breakthrough or idea they’d like to discuss. I want to SHOUT these emails into the office when I get them, they’re so wonderful. Our writers are putting everything they have into this, and I can’t believe it. We’re a wonky, mis-matched little team, but somehow, it all works.



And yesterday, we met as a group for the first time since everyone began writing, and boy, did we have a LOT to talk about! It was scary and thrilling and hilarious all at once. I can’t wait until next weekend. I’m planning a fun write-in at the library on Sunday afternoon.     And on the other side of my world, I have a fabulous team of writers on Team Denali, part of the YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp. These wonderful people have been inspiring me each and every day with their progress and their words of encouragement for each other. We’re doing well, team!  We ARE the GREAT ONES! 🙂



With that in mind, here’s what happened this week:



Me:  I managed to start some serious revision on my 2nd book. This is my main goal, that I’ll continue with for the duration of the Bootcamp, I think. If there’s a miracle and I finish revisions before then, I’m all about plotting out the next one.



I earned one heart this week.



Sonja:  She had hoped to write every day, get BINGO on her card and edit her opening. We almost had a twitter writing party together this week, so I’m pretty sure she’s writing, although I don’t know if she managed a BINGO.



She earned one heart this week, too.



Kristen: This woman had BIG goals! She was going to begin Camp NaNoWriMo on Tuesday, but made a major breakthrough in her writing goals and FINISHED her third book! She can now say she’s written a trilogy! YAY, Kristen! So, with that, she’s decided to finish up some revision on Book 2 before starting NaNo.  I think we can forgive that, right?





She earned    three hearts this week, just because.



Amy:  This girl did LOTS of writing this week. How do I know? Did you see all her stars?? Congratulations, Amy! Plus, she even had time to send out a little love to her teammates this week.



She earned    two hearts this week!



Lois:  Lois really stepped out of her comfort zone this week and tried to be more active on Twitter. And it was fabulous to hear from her! More, Lois, More! (Although, don’t get sucked into the Twitter Time Trap.) Hope tho editing went well this week!



She earned  one heart this week.



Cynthia: She took advantage of some rainy weather to really get down to work this week on her writing. Way to go, Cynthia! Almost makes you wish for more, doesn’t it? Because no one wants to be stuck inside when it’s beeee-ooootiful out!



She earned  one heart this week, too.



Megan:  I love this girl. She’s a constant source of amusement for me. Witty little tweets and great blog posts are what I’ve come to expect from Megan. And she’s working hard on a sort of synopsis–although not quite so detailed—for her Manor Maude WIP.  I can’t wait to read this one! She says it’ll be ready today. Yay, Monday!



She earned  one heart this week along with most of us.



Katrina:  Katrina has a blog, everyone! Go look at it here! She also managed to add 1500 words to her WIP, and revised two chapters!  She was a force of nature this week! YAY, Katrina!



She earned    three hearts this week, too!



That’s it for Team Denali this week. How did YOUR team do? If you’re interested in joining the YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Bootcamp, it’s not too late. There are two more months to go. Just hop on over to the blog to find out more details and sign up. We’d love to have you along!

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