Team Too-Much-To-Do!

If work didn’t interrupt my writing schedule, I’d get a lot more done. I’m pretty sure the same can be said for my team members this week. The YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Bootcamp is well underway, and Team Denali was MIA for most of the week. Kudos to Megan, Sonja, Amy and Katrina for keeping up with everything and participating like mad in challenges and word sprints!! We owe you BIG TIME!






On Monday, I had the bright idea that I’d try to accomplish two major edits on BOTH of my manuscripts. Yeah. Not sure why I didn’t bother to look at my work schedule. And I thought being the week after March Break, things would be calm and easy. Not. Even. Close. Sooooooooo, I only managed to get through some good revision on I ONCE WAS LOST. I want to hand this in to my agent, Marlene, ASAP. So, head down, pencils sharpened.  This week, my goal is to have it thisclose to hand in.



How did everyone else do?



♥  Sonja wanted to write every single day this week. She did quite well and even participated in her first Walk the Plank! Great job, Sonja!


Kristen wanted to get through a lot of revision, but like me, life got in the way. She did manage to edit a bunch of scenes and even had a professional editor go through some of her work. Stick with me, Kristen. We’ll KILL it this week!!


♥  Amy had the CUTEST check-in image this week! Plus, she did revision and Walked the Plank!




♥  Lois wants to get going on a blog. It’s a big undertaking, Lois, but it’ll be worth it.  And the poor woman is officially out of Gillian Flynn audiobooks!! (Hey, I just started ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK on audio, and I can’t stop listening!) She also read her draft through and started on revisions. Yay, Lois!


♥  Cynthia’s goal was to write two chapters on her WIP this week. Did she do it? Not sure, but she did get Amity in a DIVERGENT quiz!


♥  Megan is the most active member of #TeamDenali, and thank goodness! She even Walked the Plank this week after switching to a brand new WIP because she couldn’t stop writing!  Amazing, Megan!


♥  Katrina, Katrina, Megan’s writing about a ballerina! All right, this was my weak little attempt at poetry this week in honor or Katrina’s Twitter poem.  Not only did she write the following little goody, she represented #Team Denali in a YAB Word Sprint challenge on Thursday night and gave all her characters last names this week. YOU ROCK, Katrina!


Let it go, Let it go

Can’t edit anymore

Let it go, Let it go

I must submit and close that door


Yes I care

What the agents say

Still I have to try

The noes never bothered me anyway





Isn’t my team talented???  I think so!  It’s going to be a great week, ladies. Happy writing, happy revisioning, happy SPRING!



Heidi Sinnett

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5 Responses to Team Too-Much-To-Do!

  1. I missed whatever Walk the Plank was, so I’ll have to backtrack. I’m so curious that both of your WIPs are 20th century historicals. I wrote a YA set in the early ’60s (and have so far lived to tell). We should chat!

    • I just realized the ’60s and ’80s stories are not yours. I have already talked with Amy about those. Well, very nice of you to do a recap for your whole team! Sorry I got confused there a second.

      • Heidi Sinnett says:

        That’s okay. It’s hard to keep track when I’m posting about my team members. 🙂 For a moment, I had to ask myself…do I write historicals?? LOL

    • Heidi Sinnett says:

      Walk the Plank is a fun monthly event we run at YA Buccaneers. It’s a flash fiction challenge, and this month it was about posting the first 200 words of your WIP. Check it out…it’s scary, but fun!

  2. I’m sorry work’s been getting in the way of your writing. Silly work! I hope this week is more productive for you. 🙂

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