Reading &….Scalp Massages?

I'm reading PASSENGER by Alexandra Bracken.


I’m just starting this little beauty after a long month of prepping programs for work, so this is a much appreciated reward! But I have a feeling this might be one of my favourites for 2016….and it’s so early in the year! I’ll post a review a little later.



But this month, I’m totally obsessed with something I came across by accident, and I can’t even explain why.  It all started with this ridiculous YouTube video of a hairstylist who calls himself “Switchscissors”.  If you watch anything today, at least make it through the first five minutes of this…






Okay…did you watch it?  Seriously, is this guy for real??? (Um, yes, apparently.  But it gets better. You have to watch his hair cutting videos…..I mean, people actually applaud, and he’s like a cross between Neo from the Matrix and Edward Scissorhands….oh boy…just click this link to watch.)



Anyway, back to the head massage thing. If you made it through five minutes without bursting into laughter, I don’t know how you did it.  I’m pretty sure his hands get caught at one point in her hair, and he just has to figure out how to make it look like it’s part of the video, but…wow. All I could think was, “Someone is paying him to do this? For 25+ minutes??”  I couldn’t imagine going for a hair cut and having my stylist do this (look out Sue, I’m expecting this performance from you now!).



But what really startled me was the fact that all of the comments to the video are FABULOUS comments! People are into this guy! I was scrolling to see other comments about how crazy this was, and how funny it was….and just…..nothing. People dig this guy and what he does.



So, then I started really paying attention. He’s so focused and serious about what he does!  He really believes in this head massage (every single one is just as intense….yes, I’ve watched many), and how it is good for his client. He doesn’t laugh, snicker, or do a throw away. Nope, every single one is as intense from the beginning to end. I don’t know how he keeps it up… arms would be aching.



It got me to thinking… I this serious about anything in my life?  Anything???  I thought I was serious about my writing, until I saw Switchscissors wash someone’s hair.  And if he can pour everything he’s got into a sink full of hot water, I can do that with my writing. Switchscissors is my new idol!!



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