A week before his senior year, Ben Porter has a lot to be proud of: a scholarship opportunity to Julliard, a devoted girlfriend and a hero for a brother.


A week later, everything is gone.


When his brother, John, is killed in action by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, Ben knows he’ll never be the same. He wasn’t there, never heard the blast, never felt the explosion, but it wounded him in ways he can’t even imagine yet.
Ben hardly has time to grieve before Private Perry, a soldier from his brother’s unit, arrives with a stack of John’s letters. The letters reveal an increasingly fragile soldier, and a startling revelation built around his unwavering belief that Ben can fly. But Private Perry isn’t finished yet. Armed with his own agenda, the soldier convinces Ben he knows the truth about John’s death, and that Ben is tied to it all.
Caught up in a terrifying blackmail scheme, Ben must discover if the person he admired most was telling the truth, or suffering from a mental breakdown. And if he can uncover the real circumstances behind his brother’s suspicious death, he might be able to put his broken family back together again.






After losing his sight in a freak accident, the world is a different place for sixteen-year-old Jay Duncan to traverse. He longs for his old friends, a regular school,  and the chance to continue his popular webcomic, LazyBoy.


But when he suddenly gains his vision back, he decides not to tell anyone in case it doesn’t last. A few days with a secret never hurt anyone, and he feels like he deserves it for all he’s been through. If everything goes as planned, he’ll be able to step back into the life he lost for three years, complete with updates, including his dream girl Lana—someone he’s never seen.


It turns out to be a real eye-opener.






Dash Thomas set three major fires by the time he was ten. Legendary fires.


Two more the year he turned thirteen.


Now, at seventeen, Dash faces doing real time—hard time—for an obsession he can’t control.


But when he’s accused of deliberately setting a blaze that kills a classmate, he has to prove he had nothing to do with it. He’s a pyromaniac, not a murderer. If only he could remember where he was that night, and how he ended up in a ditch the next morning with the one thing he is forbidden to ever carry—a match—before he winds up behind bars for good.


7 Responses to Projects

  1. Betsy says:

    Such a tease! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Shelley McMillen says:

    Just a few short paragraphs and I was already caught up in the story. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

    • Heidi Sinnett says:

      Thanks, Shelley! Well, hopefully, you’ll be able to read it at some point! *keeping my fingers crossed*

  3. O.K. so I’M HOOKED!! Let me know when I can read the rest!!

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Heidi! I just wanted to return some of the blog love 🙂 You are officially in my feed now!

    HANDFUL OF DUST sounds fantastic!! Fingers crossed that I’ll have a copy on my shelf one day 🙂

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