Leaf Days

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I’m busy trying to finish up this first draft of the project I’m working on, but the nice crisp fall days are beckoning me into the kitchen. Weekends are typically for prepping the next week’s meals, doing laundry, and making a treat or two. But I want to plant myself on my couch and write. That isn’t a bad thing, I know, but I have deadlines, people! Christmas will be here before we know it, and I have sooooooooo much baking to do (November might be a write-off…with five Sundays of my Young Writers Group meetings). So, while I want to melt the chocolate chips and start stirring brown sugar into creamy butter, I’m torn between finding the time to do that, and not wanting to take away any extra minute from my WIP.



So, for inspiration, this weekend I bought some little pumpkins, and made a fun sign for work. Hopefully, it’ll give me incentive to find the time to do both…baking and writing.



chalkboard art, pies



But, I’m hitting my goals.  This week, I’d like to make it to the 55,000 word mark or higher. Can I do it? Only the pies know….





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