So, you’ve figured out by now that we’re having a Spring Writing Bootcamp over at the YA Buccaneers. To get things really going, we’re having a YAB InstaTour! What’s an InstaTour? Just a little bit of fun we’ve cooked up, and we’re hoping you’ll join us.



Starting today, drop over to the YA Buccaneers for your first InstaTour Challenge. You’ll need to sign up in the comments section of today’s post, add your Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr/Whatever account, and you’ll be signed up. Once you understand what it’s all about,  you’ll be directed to the first challenge. Drop by the Instagram page listed (which just happens to be mine!), and see what today’s challenge entails. Take your own photo, use the hashtag #swb2015, and we’ll count it as a point for your team. Not on a team yet? Leave us a comment and we’ll sign you up!



I’ll give you a hint about today’s challenge….it will be tricky, Matey!




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