I Spent the Summer in a Paper City

All right, I didn’t really spend the summer in a paper city. Not exactly, anyway. But it was a big part of my summer reading program at the library, and this week was the end of it all. Oh, how we’ve enjoyed seeing it grow week by week as our young readers added pieces to it as they read books. It was exciting to pick a name (Hollybook!), add a One Direction concert, and see how the kids picked a plot of land and added all their pieces accordingly. For most of the pieces, we used the awesome paper city (and people, and vehicles etc.), by the amazingly talented Made By Joel. I’m going to send him a few photos for his Facebook page. I’m sure he never imagined anything like this when he created these wonderful designs.  You can see the entire evolution of the city at my library blog right here.









It’s hard to say goodbye to the summer, but this past weekend, I won tickets to a fun event called the Handmade Harvest Food Show. I regularly attend their amazing craft shows (my sister and niece and I stood outside for two hours on a dark, snowy November morning last year just to get one of their free swag bags full of goodies), and this was their first food event. There were soooo many great food vendors, and we walked from table to table sampling everything. We were two of the first people to arrive, so we also got a free jar of pickled beets and a gorgeous pack of truffle sea salts as a bonus! I even managed to buy a few gifts for some of my special people…if I don’t break into them beforehand!







And I wrapped up my week with a new favourite pair of shiny red shoes. What more could I ask for?  Here’s what else I enjoyed this week:



♥   I don’t know why I ♥ this new single by Celine Dion so much. Reminds me a lot of the Inception score.



♥   Every issue of WIRED magazine is enthralling. Can’t get enough!



♥   I read this great toast recently and never want to forget it.  “To friends who are family, and family who are friends.”



♥   My shoes.



















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