Hashtag Great Idea




The other night, I woke up with a great idea.



No–it was a brilliant idea!



There were so many things happening with this idea, I felt sure it would connect with people on an amazing number of levels. I thought about it as I lay there in the dark, churning it over, examining it from all angles. It was THE idea of my lifetime, possibly.



I even came up with a hashtag for it. I was going to use this hashtag and splash it all over social media until it went viral. People were going to start coming to me to invent their hashtags, it was that good.



I spent so much time thinking about this, I knew it would all still be with me in the morning. I knew it, like I know my middle name (it’s not Meredith), and I know what I had for dinner last night (something with veggies, ’cause we’re on a veggie kick right now).



So, I didn’t write it down.



Nope, I went back to sleep, confident this idea was going to be mine in the morning, and forever, really. How could it not? I even had a hashtag!



Yep…lost it. I should’ve known. I’m sucky at hashtags.






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