Happy Thanksgiving

thanksHappy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful American friends and family celebrating today. Eat lots of turkey, spend time with loved ones, and most of all….take a few minutes to reflect on what you’re most thankful for this year.



Over at the YA Buccaneers, some of the crew have taken time to share their thanks with our readers. What have they been most thankful for? Writer friends, spouses, and amazing books. Take a few minutes to see what they’re saying.



Even though Canadian Thanksgiving was last month, I’m thankful for so many things in my life:

  • My wonderful husband, who makes me laugh and always has supper waiting when I’m too tired to lift a finger. You are my rock. Thank you.
  • My incredible sister, who never fails to send an email or a text exactly when I need it, saying everything I need to hear. You are amazing. Amazing. Thank you.
  • My mom and dad, who always have a hot lunch waiting, and a funny story to share. Don’t ever change. Either of you!  Thank you.
  • Every single one of my writer friends, both near and far, who keep me inspired, keep me humble, keep me going. I couldn’t do any of this without you. Thank you.
  • My superb agent, who always has a kind word, a supportive shoulder, and important advice to get me from here to there. I value everything you do, and hope one day (soon) to repay you in more than happy blog posts. Thank you.
  • To my friends….old and new. Thank you. A wise man once told me “friends are good”. How true.
  • Dark chocolate. Thank you.



I hope everyone has a wonderful day!




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