Friday Fried Eggs


It’s been a busy week,  but I still had time to surf the web.

(Of course those aren’t fried eggs in the photo, but I made cookies this week. Almost as good as a gooey fried egg, right?) Here is a short round up of some fun things I checked out online this week.


♥   Something we should all remember about our online presence.


♥   A wonderful photo blog by Zoe Spawton with a VERY stylish older gent.


♥   My new favourite thing!  Thanks, Erin, for telling me about this tea!


♥   One minute film school? This message could be applied to life!


♥   Can’t get any work done?  Maybe you need a coffee house vibe!


♥   And because my current manuscript features a soldier, how about doing this?


Have a wonderful, safe weekend everyone!







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