Friday Fried Eggs – May 31st Edition

It’s Friday morning, and I’m on a plane. This isn’t a typical thing for me; I’m not a traveler. But it’s an exciting weekend, and I’m going to try to put aside my nerves and enjoy it.





In my other world…the world where I spend 9am – 5:30pm each day…I am a children’s librarian. Even though ours is a small public library in comparison, each year we put on a pretty good summer reading program for the kids. It’s a great way to get kids to the library, to keep them reading while they’re off on summer vacation, and hopefully, earn a few lifelong readers in the process.



This past summer, we had a crazy few months (let’s just say it involved me running around our town with a garden gnome and a camera), and had our best results yet. We were just recognized by Library and Archives Canada as having the number two reading program in the country last year! (We’re number 2! We’re number 2!  Has a good ring to it, I think.) So, they’re flying me out to Winnipeg to accept an award on behalf of our library, and I couldn’t be more proud.



The best thing is, my husband is coming along with me, so we’re going to make the most of our little unexpected weekend getaway. Yay us!



In between making a million lists, washing and ironing clothes for our trip, packing suitcases and making sure we have all of the proper items for our carry-ons, I found a few goodies to share that made me smile.



♥   Last Saturday, we went to hear the Cantata Singers of Ottawa in their performance called LUX.  Wonderful! It was extra exciting because they performed a piece by Eric Whitacre, the web-phenom-composer who is planning his next virtual choir piece!  If you haven’t heard of him, he became a sensation when he asked singers from around the globe to record themselves singing one of his pieces, and then he layered them together so that they made up a virutal choir. You can hear some of the people who have bravely made their own recordings for his latest attempt right here on his site. But take a listen to this:







♥   I use pipecleaners a lot in my job as a children’s librarian.  But I want to be able to do THIS with pipe cleaners. Amazing!



♥   What are YOU wasting your time on? Use this handy little counter to let you know where you spend your time online.



♥   I swear, I was hooked on this series of cookbooks a few years back, but got away from it somehow. (I blame the treats at a certain coffeeshop, but I can’t prove anything.) Pick up any of the Hungry Girl cookbooks, or visit the webpage, and I guarantee you’ll come away with some simple ideas that will help you make better choices and not feel like you have to give up those brownies.



Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And I really hope the weather is great wherever you are!  We deserve some nice weather for a change!





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