Friday Fried Eggs – May 24th Edition



Well, it was back to work for me this week.  It’s so difficult going back to work after having a holiday. It’s nice to see everyone again and start into summer project planning, but I’d much rather be strolling through a store or sipping a chilly drink with my best friend. And no more mid-afternoon popcorn splashouts at the movies (LOVED the latest Star Trek, and even enjoyed Tom Cruise in Oblivion…even though the man insists on taking his shirt off in every movie he makes. Enough already, Tom! Seriously, e-nough!). This week was all about preparation.


I’m prepping for summer reading at the library. I’m prepping for my trip to Winnipeg in a few weeks. And I’m prepping for this weekend’s fun “Mother’s Day” photo shoot with my favourite girls. It’s going to be fun, if only I can figure out what I want to wear! (Hope I have room in the car for everything I need to bring.) Maybe I’ll even have a few pics to share next week.


In the meantime, I do want to share a few fun links to get you through the weekend.


♥   The official poster for THE HUNGER GAMES : CATCHING FIRE was released this week! Yay! Love the vintage look to it. (Thanks to The Fire Wire for always keeping me in the loop.)



♥   9 Film Frames is a blog on Tumblr that puts together nine frames from a movie that serve to make up the entire plot. Isn’t this a fabulous idea for writing?  Can YOU put the plot of your latest work in progress into nine frames that tell the whole story? Does it make sense? If it doesn’t, you might want to take a closer look at your work.



♥   Nothing bothers me more than an adult talking babytalk…especially when there is no one under 40 in the room. Same goes for people who whisper talk. Drives me nuts! Turns out, your voice makes a bigger impression upon people than what you’re saying. Is Your Voice Ruining Your Life? might just turn your world around!



♥   Do you have a teen in your book like this one? 🙂 This is probably more realistic than most of the characters we read in YA these days.



Now, if everyone will just put out a collective thought to the universe so that I might have a good hair day tomorrow for the photo shoot, I’d appreciate it. Have a great weekend!




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