Friday Fried Eggs – May 17th Edition


Either I’m at Starbucks, or at the movies. Yes, right about now, I’m on the tail end of a week-long vacation, but it’s been a good one. Vacation doesn’t equal not writing. In fact, I’ve done more writing this week than I have in quite some time.  It’s nice to have a few free hours where you don’t feel the pressure to be doing something else. Best feeling in the world.






I always feel like a writer when I’m on vacation. I’ve had a few holidays in the past where I’ve spent the week power-writing or revising because my husband wasn’t able to take the same time off with me. It’s nice to feel like a writer once in a while, rather than just have it as a hobby. So this year, I managed to get the best of both worlds, and hopefully I’ll go back to work feeling refreshed and ready for the busy next few months ahead.


Between all of the movies I’ve been watching, books I’ve been reading, and catching up on Coronation Street, I’ve run across a few gems I’d like to share in my Friday Fried Eggs links this week.  The Matrix video is my absolute favourite. 🙂



♥    Twelve things famous authors absolutely hate.  I’ll add mine here– I hate meat that comes in a can.  My husband doesn’t understand this.



♥   The Matrix as retold by the videographer’s mom.  Moshimo???



♥   Before the Royal Wedding a few years ago, my boss knit my little niece a “royal” corgi from Fiona Goble’s Knit Your Own Royal Wedding patterns.  In anticipation of the special arrival this summer, she’s started work on knitting the Royal Baby. Shhh…don’t tell my niece!



♥   Why is it that I feel the need to have one of these charger covers? I don’t even have an iPad! (And yes, I’m the type that would totally buy the iPad just so I could have Nibbles. Sad.)



Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Take some time to enjoy something different this weekend.




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