Friday Fried Eggs – May 10th Edition

This week, I’m getting ready for holidays.

I’ve had plenty to do, considering I found out I have to travel to Winnipeg in a few weeks to pick up an award we’re being given for our innovative library summer reading program in 2012. Yes, it’s every exciting, but since I haven’t been on a plane in a gazillion years, I’m stressed, to say the least. It will be a whirlwind weekend, but until then, there’s packing and unpacking, and re-packing and much, much more to do!



Phonography Lesson #2

I’m starting to really get into this Phonography course I’m taking through Photojojo University!  So far, I’ve learned to take double exposure photos, really think about composition and try out some new perspectives–all using the camera in my cellphone!  You can see all of my posts on Facebook, but the tree above is one of my favourites this week.


I still had a few minutes each day to look around this great big web and find something interesting things to share, however.


♥   I have no idea where I came across this collection of Fair Isle sweaters on Flickr, but Shuwei.Liu’s photostream makes me think of Tom Hanks in Cast Away. And how uncomfortable he must have been in that scratchy, wet sweater when he first ended up on the island.


♥   Want to be happy? Here is a great article on 22 Things Happy People Do Differently. Try a few of them, at the very least!


♥   A better way to get around than using taxis?  I swear, Lyft is a fabulous idea! Download the app, send them a message, and they’ll send you a photo of the available drivers (and a photo of their cars—complete with fuzzy pink moustache on the front) and their rating. When they come to get you, just hop in the car and fist bump the driver (that’s the acceptable greeting) and you’re off! They have bottles of water and gum for all passengers, and they’ll take you wherever you want to go. Needless to say, you’ll probably have great conversation, opportunities to see the city you’re traveling in like the locals, and you might even make a friend.  When you arrive at your destination, you’ll get a text asking you to donate a fare you think is acceptable and rate your driver. If you don’t give them a good rating, you’ll never be matched up again.  So far, this is only in California, but they have similar things in other large cities.  Try Side Car.


♥   I’m a huge fan of bluegrass, only it took me most of my life to realize this. The Cleverlys are a fantastic comedy/bluegrass group. This cover of Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) is just the tip of the iceberg!  Enjoy!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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