Friday Fried Eggs – June 21st Edition

There’s something brewing, and it’s exciting!  No, I can’t tell you about it right now, but the past few weeks have been full of fun things to work on, meeting new people and a special reveal date. So, mark this on your calendars….JULY 1st!! Everything will be clear then!




Another picture from my trip to Winnipeg and the Assinniboine Park Zoo.


You know when they say “I’m knee-deep” into something?  I hate to say, but I’m toe-deep into my new book. After a few weeks of getting some of the characters sorted out, chapters that were written, then fleshed out, then re-written, then edited again, then re-read a million times, I think I’ve got it going. It took me a while to realize I was trying too hard to write in a different tense, just because I like a challenge. So I gave up, fixed everything, and now it feels right. But I’m stubborn. I didn’t want it to get the best of me.  I should have just realized it would be BETTER if it was familiar.  Anyway, now I’m on track again.  The other night I wrote 615 words in one sitting.  Up to that, a good night was….8 words. (Eight good ones, mind you, but it would have taken me years to finish at that rate.) So, I’m writing.



I started a new diet this week. Just a simple cutting back of calories, making better food choices, that kind of thing. I always think summer is a good time to do this, when my life is less hectic (and then I remember, wait….summer is more hectic!). Oh well, I’m giving it a go once again.  My husband likes to remind me it’s better to call it a lifestyle change. Makes it more permanent and less like something I could fail at. I’ve had a pretty good week, for the most part. We’ll see what the scales say on Monday.



So, a new project, I’m writing again, and healthier outlook.  What’s happening to me???  Maybe aliens have taken over, but so far, I like what they’ve brought with them and I hope it continues.



In the meantime, I’ll share some of my good feelings with you through some fun links I’ve come across this week. Don’t visit them all at once. I wouldn’t want you to be bored by Tuesday!



♥   This one is for my husband, because I told him about this funny list of things about Vanilla Ice….and couldn’t remember any single one of them. It fell flat, to say the least.



♥   With my chalkboard-themed site, this great tutorial on how to make chalkboard journals is exactly what I need. Running out to buy some supplies right now!



♥   Stop posting everything on Facebook. Please. We don’t need to know everything.



♥   My nine-year-old niece is in “training” for her first 1K run on Canada Day. I’m so excited for her! (I’m pretty sure part of her training is finding the cutest outfit to wear, but so what? She’ll look great when she crosses the finish line!)



Have a great weekend. I’m going to try to stick to my diet this weekend. Wish me luck. No, really, pleeeeeease wish me luck. I need it!












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