Friday Fried Eggs – June 14th Edition

I went to the optometrist this week. I always feel anxious about going to have my eyes checked. It has nothing to do with someone getting close to my eyes, the drops or the equipment. I’m afraid to fail the tests.



There’s something about sitting in that office, going through lens after lens, making decisions that will essentially affect my vision for the entire year to come, that makes me squirm.  Did I choose the example that really was clearer?  Or did I just blink and maybe my eyes were momentarily focused better? Is she just showing me the same two or three lenses back and forth and asking me to choose so that she can laugh at my inconsistencies later on? (Yes, I picture her at closing time with the other optometrists in the office, huddled together comparing notes.  “Look at this one!  She thought I was showing her different slides!  They were the same slide! Ha ha ha…she picked a different one each time. Good luck to her this year!”)



Honestly, they probably have fun with us poor saps who come in…doling out eyedrops that make us completely unable to read anything on our computer screens for the rest of the day. (Sorry, boss, but I can’t get any work done. I just went to the optometrist.)  And don’t even get me started on how we’re expected to use the Interact machine afterwards to pay for the darn appointment!  I mean, seriously, I can’t tell if it’s asking me to enter my PIN or empty my bank account. Why can’t we pay before they render us useless???



But, that was on Tuesday. I’m over it now. Honest. Smile



This weekend, I’m going to be attending a memorial for a very dear cousin who passed away last year. It will be good to finally get a chance to say our goodbyes and celebrate the man who was truly a unique individual.






We’ll also be celebrating Father’s Day with my dad, so that’s something nice to look forward to. Happy Father’s Day to all those dads that are such an important part of our lives.



A few links to spend time on this weekend. Have fun!



♥   We’re on Instagram at work now, which got me thinking about all the photos we don’t see on the site.  Here’s a funny link.  Maybe we can start a new trend? #uglygardens



♥   Ever followed a new diet regimen simply because someone from Hollywood said it was a-mazing!? Maybe we should! After all, Gwyneth knows everything, doesn’t she??



♥   I don’t do camping.  I might do glamping one day, if I ever have the moola.  I would definitely use this sleeping bag, however.



♥   Movie stills turned into GIFs that take your breath away.  Look at them all. I mean it. Some are so subtle, but fascinating. I couldn’t take my eyes off them!



Happy Friday!




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