Flowers, Shampoo & Toothbrushes.

It’s YAB Bootcamp Check-in Time! But first, I must gush that I got a great deal on a sonic toothbrush, bought shampooo this week that actually makes my hair S-H-I-N-Y, and my wonderful husband bought me roses. Yes, I know. I’m a lucky, lucky person!






Now that I’ve distracted you with the beautiful flower, I can get into the nitty-gritty of last week and my almost non-existant writing life. I’ve been busy, to say the least, but as the month is coming to a close, I’m hoping that will all change. This week, my goal is to make progress on something….revision or new writing, I don’t care. Hear that everyone? PROGRESS! Hold me to it.



Team Denali is sticking with it, folks. We’re not out of this yet!



Let’s begin with the fabulous Sonja! She just got a new job for the fall…a High School Librarian position! (You know how I feel about librarians!) Go on over to her blog to read more about it and to congratulate her!


Next up, the Amazing Kristen! (Okay, I don’t think she calls herself that, but seriously, I think she could have cards made up.) She continued on with her quest to write short stories for Camp NaNoWriMo. She participated in countless Word Sprints. She even did one from her car!!! (no, not while driving, she assured us.) And she’s still revising her latest book. The woman is ON FIRE!


On to Amy, the Great! She had so many stars on her calendar this week, I’m worried she’ll run out! Her goal is to finish all of her revisions by the end of April, and she just might make it. More importantly, she is reading up a storm! Glad to hear your Mom is doing well after her surgery, Amy!


Our awesome teammate Lois is counting down the days until the end of the semester. She may have overestimated her time to write while she’s busy working toward that goal, but she’s still with us, and we’re CHEERING YOU ON, LOIS!


Super Cynthia had an interesting thought process going on this week after finishing Breaking Bad. She’s contemplating the idea of “loose ends endings”.  Go on over to her blog to read more, and see if you share her observations.


Marvelous Megan was baking this week (and also working on reading/revision ideas & visiting author signings). Mmm….Megan…….lots of yummy looking things coming out of your kitchen this week! Feel like sharing some recipes? Plus, check out her new Twitter page! I like the way it looks, Megan……debating the big switch….


Poor workaholic Katrina was out this week with a bit of sickness. When you work too hard, sometimes your body just tells you enough is enough. Hope you feel better this week, Katrina! (P.S…Love the Tumblr blog…hope you post again soon!)



So, there it is, Team Denali and our YAB Bootcamp goals for the week. I’m thinking this month, the back of our t-shirt should read “Team Denali. We did okay.”  Next month, I want it to read “WE CONQUERED THE WORLD!”



Heidi Sinnett


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